Manifesto-ish relies on support from other like minded groups and individuals.  Help us continue to explore and promote digital art and culture.

Manifesto-ish is a new idea in online art.

It's not a digital file cabinet full of pictures, articles and resumes; it's an original artistic experience that happens in cyberspace.  Perhaps you live somewhere that doesn't have a thriving contemporary art scene.  Maybe you do but want to get perspectives from outside.  Perhaps you want the experience of looking at art in a virtual setting and chatting about it with people from around the country, or around the world.  If this is the kind of art/writing/thinking that you do, then Manifesto-ish is for you.


In order to expand our mission and push the boundaries of this new art medium called the internet, we need support.  We always appreciate those who join us and spread the word, but we do need funds as well.  If you would like to donate, there are a variety of levels and perks:


Be an Art Lover - For $25 we'll list you on our website, send you invites to special events, and send you a Manifesto-ish button.


Be an Artist Member - For all you artists out there, for $25 you can become a member artist, with your name and website listed on the site, invites to special events, opportunities to show work in the gallery, and one of those one of a kind Manifesto-ish buttons!


Be a Sponsor - For $50 you have shown you want to support the arts online, and you deserve a handmade Manifesto-ish T-shirt, invitations to special events, and you name listed as a sponsor during one of our online gallery shows.


Be an Art Collector - For $100 you will receive special recognition on the site, invites to special events, and an original piece of art from your choice of one of Manifesto-ish's four founders.


Click on a level to pledge your support.  All transactions processed securely with Paypal.



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Thank you to all those who helped us reach our annual fund goal for 2013:

Collector Level
David Bien
Gerardine Clark
Sam Zigler & Sharon Kalbarczyk
Mike & Susan Mauney


Sponsor Level
Mariah Wheeler
Joanna Spitzner
Janine Hughes
James Clark

Member Artists
Todd Molinari
Denise Philipbar
Tiernan Alexander
Teresa Palmer
Andrew Heisey
Sean Corbett


Other Support From
Janet Zigler
Naomi Griffith

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