Manifesto-ish pARTicipate helps artists get content from anyone around the world, and allows people to join in creative projects.


In a digital world it's easy for the source of inspiration to be, well, you.  You can share your images, audio, video, idea and experiences with artists so they can use it in their work.


Browse the projects below and contribute to any and all that are interesting to you.  Find out how you can be kept up to date and see the results.

Artists, would you like to get content through pARTicipate?  Email us and we will help set up a page for you.

Have you had a memorable encounter with an animal?  Where did it happen, in the wild, in a zoo, in your back yard?  What made it memorable?

I want your stories to build a digital map of our collective experience of our non-human encounters.

Do the jargon filled descriptions of art by critics, dealers and curators make you less interested in the art? 

If so, you can be an Art Jargon Redactor!  It's fun, satisfying and it makes a difference in the art world!

Digital Divide

When did your personal digital divide happen? When did you stop writing letter and start writing emails? Stop leaving notes and start sending texts? Manifesto-ish wants you to explore your own personal Digital Divide by reading aloud something

you wrote by hand before digital tools came along, as well as something you have written since. Each piece should be significant to you in some way; embarassing, thoughtful, personal, memorable, etc.


A video piece of the readings will be created and displayed at the Digital Divide closing on July 25th.


In order to participate virtually, simply record yourself on a video camera or web cam reading a letter or note written by hand that you still have. Tell us a little about why it is significant. Then record yourself reading an email, text, or other digital communication in the same way. Email us the video or post it to Youtube and send us the link.


email us at if you have questions

Help the new artist in residence decide on the identities of her characters as she submits them to her tumblr. SImply comment on the picture to decide who this person is and what they are like...
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