Artists are often restricted from excellent shows by financial, logistical, or other practical concerns.  Manifesto-ish's virtual gallery seeks to allow artists to participate from anywhere in the world.


Similarly, art lovers are often not able to travel to see the work that they would like.  Manifesto-ish allows art lovers the world over to see great art and interact with great artists.


Finally, Manifesto-ish's goal is to create virtual experiences similar to to traditional gallery experiences.  At our live openings you can wander the gallery, chat with other visitors, ask questions, and share your experiences.


Here are some of the details:

Download the Unity Player Plugin or Iphone/Android App

The gallery can be viewed on the computer, or from an android or iOS device.  Simply click to download the plugin on the Gallery page, or the link to the appropriate app.  The gallery is a service of

Attend as a guest, or create an account to be named in the gallery


When you open the gallery your avatar is identified with the word guest and a series of numbers.  If you would like to be identified with your name, you can sign up or log in with the links above the gallery.  You may be redirected to the 3dVAS site, but simply return or reload the site when you are done.

Chat with others in the gallery

Click on the speech bubble to chat with others in the gallery.  There is also a chat box on the site above the gallery which may be used as well.  During our live openings and events, the gallery might be quite crowded!




Wander around and enjoy the view

On the right hand side of your gallery view you will see a "virtual joystick".  You can use this with a mouse (or your finger on a smart device) to move around.  On a computer you can also use the arrow keys.  To get a better look at a single piece, you can click on it and you will be taken directly there.


If you enjoyed the experience, please share

We are an informal collective of artists and rely on word of mouth, sharing and audience participation.  Please sign up for updates at the bottom of the site, promote us on social media, or follow us.


Read on to learn more about the Virtual Gallery Experience

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