The Manifesto-ish Online Artist in Residence Program is a place for artists to explore the digital world as a creative medium.

Andy Walker

We are so pleased to welcome Andy Walker as our new artist in residence!

Artist statement:

My work has always been about making happy endings. We all sees things around us that we would like to change and make them better. I have tried to do this in many different forms such as videos, paintings and sculptures. But one constant in my life has been drawing. I have never really changed my way of drawing since I was a child. Drawing keeps me sane through my many health problems. I have never been healthy, only pretending. Colorful and full of life is what I want life to be for everyone.

Click here for Andy's bio!

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PAST PROJECTS: AIR Projects seek to create a unique artistic environment, an experience tailor-made for digital viewing. It is not meant to simply bring news of copies of original objects. The work created here is about, of and by the digital world. The materials are the networks, apps, data, and connections that underlie the internet. This site is a firsthand experience with nothing lost in its function, only gained.  If you are interested in being an Online Artist in Residence, click here.

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