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The Manifesto-ish Online Artist in Residence Program is a place for artists to explore the digital world as a creative medium.

Don't do Tumblr? That's fine! Just check in on the project via instagram @thebeautifymeproject to participate, just comment on each character's identity bellow thier image.

You can do the same on Manifesto-ish's FB page.  

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The Beautify Me Project

I’m Veronica Cianfrano, an artist in Philadelphia who investigates the intricacies of social interaction and intimacy. This project serves as part of my artist residency for Manifesto-ish.com.

 For this project in particular, I will be examining feminine beauty standards and romantic intimacy as filtered entirely through technology. I’m particularly asking the following questions: Can true intimacy be experienced strictly through digital communication and mediation? What do these “beautifying” apps really do to our identities when we use them? Is this practice of altering and presenting one’s image dishonest, and is that wrong? Are you (your identity) what you look like online?

It will be multifaceted:


Step 1: This part requires some participation from you, my dear internet. I will post a character every two weeks. This character will be a photo of me that I altered via an existing phone app. You then help me decide who this person is. What’s her name? Did she go to college? Is she straight, gay, or bisexual? Etc. 


Step 2: Once I get my identity from you, I will post the picture and new identity on a dating site. Screen shots of this will be posted here. 


Step 3: The first person to contact me, no matter what it says or who it is will end up on a greeting card. I will create a watercolor portrait of the character on the outside of the card and paint a portrait of the one who is communicating with me along with the message I received on the inside. 




When the project starts, click the icon for all updates  and posts regarding this project:




Manifesto-ish.com AIR Projects seek to create a unique artistic environment, an experience tailor-made for digital viewing. It is not meant to simply bring news of copies of original objects. The work created here is about, of and by the digital world. The materials are the networks, apps, data, and connections that underlie the internet. This site is a firsthand experience with nothing lost in its function, only gained.  If you are interested in being an Online Artist in Residence, click here.

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